What's Trending in Plants- Indoor Greenery

JAC strongly believes no space is complete without a gorgeous green houseplant, and while we’ve all seen the rise of succulents and the fiddle leaf fig in recent years, there are even cooler plants out there that offer a bit of a twist on your usual greenery. Below is a new take on the omnipresent fiddle fig tree which should help get our minds right in preparation for spring.

Chinese Money Plant: This little guy is ideal for a desk, kitchen counter or window sill. It’s easy to grow and those round leaves will create a cool look in any spot.

Philodendron Plant: This Jurassic Park inspired plant features huge leaves and stems reaching in every direction, creating a dynamic look for a living space or an empty corner.
Spider Plant: Appropriately named, this spiky friend is low maintenance and adds a little edge to any shelf he sits on. It's great because it can grow up out and round or drop down and hang its tendrils for some really great profiles.
Palm Leaf Plants: All things beachy and island-inspired feels just right for the spring time, especially right now as we’re dreaming of this June gloom to pass. The Kentia palm is especially tall, airy and fabulous. It is modern, easy, breezy, greeny to the max.
Snake Plant: The snake plant has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. It’s a great plant for small spaces because of their vertical leaves, which we will mention are fun and splattered with different greenish hues. Also very easy to care for and are good in low lit corners.

Tall Cacti: For all you brown thumbs out there, look no further, this guy is for you. A standard tall cacti plant looks timeless and chic in any living space, but beware kiddos and puppies, they bite.

Jade Plant: An oldie but a goodie, this succulent-esque girl is great for indoor and outdoor spaces. Very low maintenance and damn near immortal. Great for a potted pop of green in the bathroom or kitchen.