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Vintage Trends – The Latest Blast from the Past Appearing in our Homes

If runway fashion has taught us anything (think fanny packs and moon boots) it’s that most fads make a comeback.  And it’s not just fashion, but interior design too. In fact they often go hand in hand. One could definitely make a case for same era fashion and interior designs hitting the marketplace at roughly the same time, the second time round –  like mini skirts and 70’s inspired wallpaper, some things just go together naturally.  We adore these blasts from the past- they give whimsy and context and even patina where once there was none.  At JAC Interiors we love layering vintage finds with new furnishings, the result is interesting and familiar but progressive too.  And equally we love new furniture and decor lines that are inspired by vintage fashion or design, but have been reimagined into something that’s fresh and new.

One of the most iconic interior designers of our time and most definitely one of JAC’s favorite’s is Kelly Wearstler, a woman with many talents to be sure, but a designer with an innate ability to translate the past into eye popping new designs that feel fresher than ever.  She has an uncanny ability to pull ideas from history and spin them in a way that only she can manage by using textures, color, pattern and form, creating insanely dramatic, one-of-a-kind interiors that have real staying power. One of her signature line motifs flies right out of the 80’s with its scrunched and pulled leathers and fabrics draped across chairs and beds a la Donna Summers disco dresses and we could’t be more delighted and entertained.

And if you know your 80’s interior design history, you’ll know that the Memphis Movement was all the rage back then.  Started in Milan by a small group of Italian furniture and interior designers in 1981, it flew in the face of what was considered “good taste” at the time, but is now being used as a spring board for current tastemakers and influencers to leap into an almost surreal world. And of course Kelly Wearstler has dipped in and expanded on this design movement in many ways, bucking the status quo of recent Scandinavian  minimalism to good, if not quirky effect. But then again, Kelly Weartsler was never known as a minimalist! Original Memphis Movement pics were almost hard to look at and cartoon like in color and form, love it or hate it, see what I mean below.


Kelly Wearstler’s expansion on the Memphis Movement looks like this…


Speaking of vintage, Mid Century design is a style we still love for both its sculptural and monotone looks. The trick here is to use sparingly, as with most good things in life…otherwise it can quickly turn too masculine.  Mid Century designers really did set the stage for years to come and at that time this style was super avante garde, not dubbed Mid Century design until much later.  Here are a few pics below to see just how ahead of their time they were (and to show you what to be on the hunt for during your next flea market shopping day!)



To this day, one of our perennial favorites from the Mid Century design aesthetic is the Saarinen Tulip Table which transcends time and space!  With its pedestal base made of molded plastic – a huge technology trend for that decade and the table top of Carrara marble, it was an instant classic.  A good staple in either the dining, coffee or side table version, it can go anywhere in the house and delivers a modern take every time.

One of JAC’s favorite vintage styles is Boho Chic, because it really fits into the laid back California casual style of living we enjoy.  And Boho Chic really is a reflection of the lived in and collected look of the 70’s.  At its core it’s all about warmth, texture, and mixing the old with the new, it might just be the ultimate vintage look, and one of the easier looks to pull off.  It’s about surrounding yourself with all your favorite things, and if those items are collected on your travels through Morocco, even better!  Texture and wood and old rugs are the way to go here.  Low profile sofas and furry hides slung over rattan pieces are heavily represented and perfect to mix with all your flea market finds.  Go all in by mixing every pattern, color and texture you can think of.  No holding back.  Boho Chic is really maximalism in a down to earth, kicked back kind of way that feels fresh and relaxed. Oh and don’t forget the green plants, mother nature is a rock star in this design style!