Anatomy of a Window Treatment/Modern Window Treatments

Anatomy of a Window Treatment/Modern Window Treatments Contact us today for a design consultation

When it comes to window coverings saying there is a lot to consider would be the understatement of the century. There are just so many options and they can all make a statement. Note of caution: make sure you save a lot of room in your budget for these pricy but yummy must-haves. Those old college bed sheets or skimpy single panel fully stretched across the window just won't cut it,so get ready to dig deep for a few more $1000's to make your custom window dressings fantasy a reality.

Question and considerations: How much privacy or light blockage do I need in this space? What material should I go with? Valence or no valence? Outside the frame or inside the frame? Roman cascade or flat? Pull cord or electric? Curtains, but what length and how many panels? Pleated or smooth? Patterned or solid? Grommets, rings, clips or pocketed? Sheers or no sheers? Then there's the curtain rod, finials, tie backs, I mean the list goes on and on! We are here to ease your mind in that you are not alone in the sleepless nights and head spinning options. Find an inspo pic online, talk to some reputable designers, have a professional take measurements and try not to over think it. It's one more step in the design journey, but when done well, its sooo good.

A Gorgeous JAC dining nook with show stopping modern window treatments. For a look at more JAC projects click here

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