Bathroom Lighting Trends

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When it comes to proper indoor lighting, no place is more important to showcase some modern glowing style, than in the bathroom. For most, its the first place you take personal inventory in the morning and the last place you evaluate how hard the day hit you at night. So why not make sure you're getting the most out of the view. This room's style and attitude comes with the sconces, pendants and chandeliers you strategically place around your vanity and bathing areas. After the tile, floors, faucets and vanities are all perfectly picked, lighting helps tie it all together and create a cohesive design that represents your style as a whole.

One option for bathroom lighting is classic mirror sconce combo. Bathroom sconces can be installed on top of the mirror, flank either side of it or can even be custom built into the vanity mirrors. The light should bounce nicely off the mirror and onto your blushing face, showcasing your every nook a cranny, so you can cover them all up properly. The quantity and projection of the sconce depends on the size and shape of the fixture itself compared to the mirror as well as the number of sinks and overall space allotted. Sconces should be a beautiful architectural accent as well as provide light, so scale is really important here. Bathroom Lighting Trends Here we down played the sconce to let this massive custom vanity be the star. The modern shape and pretty structured shade fit perfectly into this desert families modern eclectic aesthetic. Bathroom Lighting Trends This custom vanity mirror we installed allowed for these pretty globe sconces to be mounted in it and the two flank the prep area nicely without being distracting.

Another option is a delicate hanging pendant on either side of the mirror. This provides light at the same level as the wall mounted sconce would but draws the eye up, which creates heightened visual inserts in both senses of the word. We are seeing this more and more and is a great alternative modern take on bathroom lighting. This bathroom was just screaming for a chandelier to float over that amazing tub centered so beautifully in this epic Desert Master Bathroom. It really was the cherry on top of this over the top opulent master suite. For a closer look at some of our other projects, click here Bathroom Lighting Trends