Bean Bag Revival/Modern Bean Bag Seating

Bean Bag Revival/Modern Bean Bag Seating

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Do you remember back in college when bean bag chairs were an acceptable form of seating? Well get ready for the foam bead filling revival, bean bags are back! This time with a really modern twist. This bohemian floor cushion/pouf trend is taking the cozy home to the next level.

The twist is in the size, shape and material. Long triangular hand woven wool cradles, vintage leather oversized poufs, linen REALLY oversized pillows, felt rock formation cushions or the chic more structured slouchy corner seat, is vintage home couture to the max. This time around, the bean bag chair is going to be fought over, not the consolation seat in your home. Great for kids and adults alike, as well as a place fido can enjoy without too much guilt.

Here's how we used an oversized cushion for added texture and cozy seating in one of our projects. For another look at our work, click here.