Bedroom Bliss/Chic Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Bliss/Chic Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, and we understand this definition varies between individuals. Some people like a monochromatic, neutral soothing sanctuary, others like cheerful, playful, inspiring sanctuaries but I think one thing we can agree on is its a very personal space. If you are someone that values their relaxation time, don’t we all, but also needs a mellow place to turn off the world, here are a few tips to aid in that transformation.

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Linens and high thread count cottons are your friend! Spend the money on your bedding and I swear it will be worth it. There is nothing worse then scratchy sheets or crispy comforters, think of those desperate times at a Motel 6, gross. Add to this layers of different soft textures. Faux fur throws, knitted blankets, down pillows and comforters, and yes, cashmere coverlets, that exists!

Keep the furniture minimal and the table tops clean and clear and organized. Add plants for good energy and open windows for fresh air and to let those gorgeous drapes dance in the wind. Number one rule of bedroom sanctuary is, keep office out of said sanctuary. Nothing could be more ominous then your deadlines staring at you while you sleep.

For all you other creative funky types, the bedroom should be filled with life and inspiration. Colors and patterns everywhere, while keeping with the aforesaid tips on layering and texture, don’t skimp on the textiles in your happy place. Color for you can mean pops of vibrant primary colors on a clean white background, or a combination of deeper hues all in the same color palette. Either way color always rocks in our book.

One last JAC tip du jour, LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING! We love a pretty pendant light or chandelier, but don’t rely on one light source for all your needs. Sprinkle lamps, sconces and candles throughout a space so that you can soften the glow wherever you go!