Boucle is the trend fabric NOW!

What are decorating trends for 2019? JAC is loving the Boucle design trend happening right now. And although this fabric has been around for ages, it's definitely having a moment in the spotlight right now. Both a yarn and fabric, bouclé is made from three single strands of a knobby, curly yarn with a loopy texture. Typically used in finely tailored women’s suits, the fabric is now produced in unique color-ways and includes metallic and cashmere threads and when applied to boucle furnishings, it becomes even better! Boucle is definitely our favorite fall trend of the moment and part of our living room interior design ideas. The textured wool adds a certain retro coziness to any space it's in. Plus, the creamy white hue is an excellent addition to any holiday decor. Full disclosure: We are trying every which way to get our hands on this fabulous fabric! After a bit of research it seems that this gorgeous fabric has had its heyday before, thus the retro shout-out! It was widely used in the 1950s as the go-to texture fabric on many paired down chairs and ottomans and sofas by Eero Saarinen, one of the best and maybe the most well known of the mid-century furniture designers. It looks sophisticated and chic on the womb chair and ottoman, and really is reminiscent of....a mothers womb because of its cozy factor. There are also plenty of new styles that do boucle right. We love how this classic shape got a modern revamp thanks to amazing faux-angora upholstery. Like this chair by CB2. This one works really well in a light gray also from CB2, we love how accessible this is! This chair is super space age-y and designed by another mid century furniture maker called Vladimir Kagan. This one is a rare Organic Wingback Lounge Chair, with walnut legs and a creamy white boucle, made in America. We love all things boucle but do like ours to be in the white, beige, light gray family as the brighter colors remind us of over dyed hair, but share you comments below if you see it differently. These treasured textiles make us so happy, maybe you will love them as much as we do!