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Watch out kids, there is a new bulb in town! JAC has its finger on the pulse of design trends and our sources and guts tell us that the newest trend in dining, bathroom, bedroom WHATEVER room lighting design, is the bubble chandelier.

This cluster of bubble bulbs gives us some serious retro vibes but can translate from laid back to modern glam to total whimsy.

Amber tinted glass bulbs help soften it a bit, keeps your space a little warmer but maintains its dramatic appeal.

Frosted perfect circles are clean, modern and drop dead sexy.


We are also loving these seemingly handblown glass bubbles, in various sizes, all piled high in some sort of chic grape like cluster. Serious texture that looks super luxe!

Spread them horizontally or in a halo to perfectly compliment your dining table.

Bubble chandelier in the bath! Makes sense right. So fabulous propped above the soaker tub or hidden high in the rafters. We love how its subtle but fun and add loads of texture and clean light.

Here JAC did something similar in one of our desert projects. That drippy bubble piece was quite a project to instal, but totally worth it! For more of JAC's work, click here.


Umm, Hello little bubble sconce. Love the mini version of this trend!