Color Blocking How Tos

Color blocking is a bit urban mid century, a touch of 80's loft, a splash of Euro art deco, but all totally bodatious. With it's deep, clean lined saturation of color, stark contrasting accents and seriously modern impact, this decor style may not be everyone's taste but it still makes for something really great to gawk at. Creating a color statement by opting for color blocking will definitely take some guts and commitment, but if you're down, this bold design is next level.

Full wall murals and floor to ceiling color blocking is one way to execute this trend. Lush, punchy colors on a grand scale highlight door ways, passage ways, ceiling heights, make for a bold separation of one room to the next, bring to the forefront any great architectural attribute of your home and above all, showcase your free spirited, fearless personality. Kind of fabulous for kids room designs but not restricted to. Below showcases how a little paint and blue tape can be quite magical.

Complete wall takeovers can be a bit overwhelming, so incorporating this look in a space with art, accessories or even smaller more subtle architectural elements can be just as fun, but and a little more versatile. Simple but bold geometric art, solid saturated upholsteries, brightly painted furniture and color coding the tchotchkes on your shelves are all great ways to bring in the trend and transform your space in a weekend!

Color blocking is not expressed only in neon and kindergarten primary colors. You can exercise your need for this artistry in more subtle, complimentary, muted tones. Stick with the clean lines and larger scale so this trend will not be lost.

Bold tile and cabinetry work is another great way to incorporate this design technique. Actually it's an amazing way! Definitely can't be done in a weekend but this is eclectic, mid-century modern at its best!