Get Ready for Winter and Warm Up with Rugs!

Keep the cold outside and warm up with modern area rugs! Especially helpful to have winter decor ideas if you live in a colder climate, but equally essential in JAC’s home turf of Southern California (see the pic above!), rugs help heat up a space literally and visually. Don’t fret that a rug is going to cover your expensive hard word or stone flooring, treat it as you would a painting on a wall – a beautiful addition that adds comfort and harmony to the space. As with any other addition to the home, rugs are available in a plethora of sizes, styles, colors, and shapes, and at any price point. Choosing the right rug can be a confusing job, but with these rug trends for 2018 we’re here to help!

It would be a crime to not start our journey in the far East, where exceptionally gorgeous natural rugs have been knotted and weaved by hand for centuries. The creations of China, Turkey, Tibet, and Morocco have all stood the test of time and true classics can trade for thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of dollars. They are among the most beautiful and can often be found in reds and yellows as they were hand dyed. When considering one of these rugs, take note of the exquisite detail in shape and pattern, and take pride in the imperfections as it means your rug is hand-made and the only one if its kind!

It may not be obvious, but these rugs go great with modern decor and really set off an otherwise stark black or white room.

Modern rugs can be made by hand or by machine and whichever one you choose depends on its application and use. A machine-made rug will most likely be able to stand up better in a well-trafficked area. Check out the next few pictures all from JAC Interior's own projects!

Modern innovations have also allowed for more experimental use of color and texture. Don’t be afraid to go bold! Just because a rug is on the floor doesn’t mean it can’t have enormous impact and be a statement piece itself.

Now a little chat about where exactly to put all these rugs. Well, anywhere and everywhere! There’s a reason they come in any size and shape, perfect for anywhere from the entry to the bathroom to the living room. And what doesn’t feel better first thing in the morning than digging your toes into a magically soft high pile as you get out of bed?!

You can even hang them on your walls for an ultra-chic eclectic art solution. And check out how the otherwise thin rugs in the picture below are stacked to be more plush and comfortable underfoot... genius!

Rugs are also great natural space dividers, crucial in open-plan layouts. If you’re feeling intimidated by a big open space that’s meant to serve as an all-in-one living and dining area, break it up by throwing down some rugs. Each rug will act as a room within a room, helping you locate your furniture by creating visual and mental boundaries within an otherwise undefined space.