Houseplant Heaven: Ways to Decorate with Houseplants

There are plenty of reasons for being hung up on lush, leafy greenery. For starters planted beauties scrub indoor air while invigorating décor with a chic 1970's vibe, which goes with that easy boho chic houseplant ideas look we are all loving right now. And even if you're not into a boho vintage look and you wan to know how to decorate with houseplants, green plants bring a sense of natural serenity and punch that's hard to beat. Plus, compared to fresh-cut flowers, decorating with houseplants lasts much longer giving you a bigger bang for your decorating dollars. And the joy of plants lies in their extraordinary shades of green and their sculptural qualities and graphic forms. Those vivid green colors that only live plants can deliver seems to give the right pop in any space, in any style! Whether you reside in an urban condo or a sprawling suburban property, indoor houseplant inspiration can easily breathe new life into your space.   

One of the latest indoor house plant trends is to celebrate the natural beauty of plants by fashioning an installation of hanging and potted specimens as well as terrariums with a geometric modernity. And that 70s interiors staple macramé, has regained its popularity since the revival of the houseplant but in new and contemporary forms.

Worried about not having green fingers, don't fret: Faux plants or dried bunches such as eucalyptus are also perfect for bringing lovely leafage into your abode. Even better, both are typically cheaper than living houseplants. To help you make your space feel brighter and more lively, try decorating with gorgeous greenery either dried or simple live stems placed in vases.