Keep your head down (innovative flooring)

One element of interior design that can be rather elusive is flooring. One reason for this is that it’s way easier to pay attention to what’s around us rather than what’s beneath us. Plus, flooring is a costly investment that requires a real level of commitment, more than most other aspects of our interiors. Yet the flooring ideas and inspiration can really tie a room together. It is one of the most lasting and timeless elements of a given space that make the time, money, and effort invested into attaining the perfect style well worth it. There are plenty of conventional styles to choose from, but there is always room for innovation in flooring trends. The industrial style is so on trend right now, and it goes well with the stripped back look of polished concrete floors and is great as kitchen flooring and throughout the house. Very chic in a bare- bones way, concrete floors can be a great choice in many different settings. They are perfect for layering all sorts of rugs and hides on top and act like a blank canvas to accentuate almost any style. A good contractor will be able to create the perfect color and amount of shine or even make it look like it's always been there, distressed and nonchalant. It's also less expensive than many other floors which is always a plus and super easy to maintain and clean. A real win win JAC says! Parquetry is the pinnacle of elegance within the realm of flooring, and yet it has also developed into a cool and hip artesian look as well due to the master craftsmanship it requires to install. In fact, it was first used in the palace of Versailles as an adequate alternative to luxurious marble. Parquetry comes in all sorts of interesting designs beyond the traditional herringbone. Chevron is another popular style, but it’s certainly not limited to even a handful of common designs. You can find layered parquetry that involves the use of multiple types of wood to create a pattern. Parquetry works beautifully in a chic and minimal interior and is super stylish but pricey! JAC is loving all the current tile floors right now. Super, fun and bohemian inspired floors are definitely making a real comeback. The kind of tile that makes you think you are in the south of Spain or Marrakesh can be the perfect compliment to a curated and worldly space. There are many different kinds of tiling, and lots of materials can be installed as tiles. From ancient mosaics to timber and even cement tiling, this type of flooring has lots of aesthetic benefits as well. Most materials look nice within this formation and you have lots of options for how you’d like to configure them within the space.Varying colors of tiles in parquetry will give a retro look, and combining small tiles to create a mosaic design in the bathroom will give it a timelessly luxurious touch. JAC approves of them all! Terrazzo is another flooring inspiration that is enjoying a real comeback and we are loving it. It feels hand crafted yet simplistic all at once. Modern but old style at the same time. Its the chameleon of flooring, you can make it lean in almost any design direction. It comes in colors but JAC prefers the tone on tone looks that feel like tumbled marble and rocks. Take a look at these and tell me you aren't dying to have this look below! (Happy flooring!)