Key Elements for a Timeless Design

When thinking about how to have a timeless kitchen design, we think mainly of the beauty of natural materials with a simple cabinet style. These are the combinations that look sophisticated and classic in any home and adding pops of interest in the lighting just brings up the wow factor. And keeping a timeless kitchen color scheme by using a simple paint pallet is a good idea.

Shaker cabinets, a timeline decor style, are by far JAC's favorite go to cabinet style. It's simplicity goes with nearly any architectural design and has real staying power. This style offers a clean and streamlined look with only minimal decoration. And if you really do want timeless go for classic shades of paint in whites and grays, both can stand the test of time and gleam bright in every season. Wood stained cabinetry can go out of fashion very quickly so stay away from any wood stains. But just a side note, JAC loves all the open shelving we're seeing and feel like this trend is tomorrows new classic, and feel free to use a wood shelf, this does work and also brings in some texture.

There is nothing more synonymous with a timeless kitchen than a marble countertop. It is worth the investment! Marble is elegant and sophisticated, and conveys an old-world feel. Either option is a tasteful kitchen staple. However, keep in mind that marble does stain easily. If you still want that stone look without the fear of stains, look to slate or a man made quartz composite for a durable and resilient option. You’ll be able to have the beauty of natural-esque rippling, all without the fear that you’ll wreck your counters.

Backsplashes can also really set the tone. At JAC we often use the countertop as a backsplash option, either the natural marble options or even the man made quartz stones. But for some serious texture we love a backsplash and grout combo with a tile that fully compliments the overall aesthetic. There are some beautiful hand made tiles from all over the world that really pizazz up a kitchen design, but at JAC we still love the shape and form of the ever popular subway tile. It personifies classic and can be stacked for a more modern look or installed in a brick pattern, both work wonders for years to come.

Last but not least, lighting is where you can provide a real style statement to your kitchen. For a timeless look, lanterns in almost any material like brass or black work wonders. A common mistake is choosing the wrong size and placement (height as well as spacing in the room). Consult with a professional so that your lighting can serve a functional purpose but also be a wow factor in your kitchen.