Light, Color and LED design

At JAC Interiors we know that the right lighting fixture type is everything! Additions of accent lights to interior spaces using a low power lighting source is an effective means of creating visual interest. As you probably know, LED lights have a longer lifespan, as compared to traditional lighting methods. When you couple this with the fact that they are also perfect for installing in hard-to-reach places, it makes them ideal for placement in areas to highlight artistic features or for lighting spaces like stairwells and hallways. Anywhere the frequent changing of lights is a challenge or if it feels like the lighting has been forgotten in a space, consider a small LED light for accent. At JAC, we are always looking ahead at lighting trends for 2018. We love those cool and user friendly lighting strips, they are easy and fun to place all over the house. Light strips that run along sharp corners or curves are one of the more bold offerings in the area of LED lighting ideas. They are simple to install and incredibly flexible allowing for a lot of versatility. Their biggest benefit is that they highlight areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. They are like a highlighter for your design. While they add visual interest, they can also be practical when placed along stairs or used as night-lights in the bathroom or as a bathroom lighting trend. A basic interior design rule of thumb is to use color to achieve a desired effect which is also too true with light bulbs. And now LED lights come with a wider color temperature range than halogens, incandescent, CFLs and other traditional lighting systems. This hasn’t always been the case. Initial LED lights were cold and didn’t offer much in the way of personality. But now, a wide range of color temperature gives you better control and selection over your interior spaces. For example, you can use them to mimic a cool white, daylight, a warm white, and various other options. You should also note that interior color temperature will directly affect the warmth, feel and look of all aspects of the space including furnishings, paint colors, and accent pieces LED lights focus their illumination on the chosen target, area, or location. They don’t require external reflectors to distribute their light to a certain focal point. They also have a greater application efficiency, as compared to conventional light bulbs. Consider recessed LED lighting in larger spaces such as kitchen and living rooms. If you have a particular area in your interior space that you want to focus light on specifically like art or sculpture, then you can also achieve that effect with spotlight LEDs. Using the right lighting is vital when it comes to creating the look and feel that you desire in your interior space. LED lighting provides the perfect solution, since it’s energy efficient, long lasting, and versatile. At JAC, and in 2018, we suggest that if If you are planning to upgrade your home’s interior design, then you should definitely consider LED lighting. This blog was written by JAC blog guest author Gilbert Cabrales who has been with CS LED since its inception in 2008, first as an employee and then as a valued partner. Gilbert has vast experience in both lighting and electrical work and has a unique method for collaborating with his clients. From design to implementation and beyond, you can count on “Gil” to deliver LED expertise and true partnership capabilities.