Maximalist Decor Ideas that make a Statement

Hooray- maximalist decorating ideas are back! Call it a backlash against minimal Scandinavian design, we don't know but we are celebrating anyway! After the wave of minimalist design, maybe people realized their homes should feel more personal…and less like the lobby of their dermatologist’s office. If this style feels a little out of your comfort zone, know this: Maximalism isn’t about splashing mismatched patterns, and knick knacks around for the sake of it. Not at all!

So when it comes to maximalism vs. minimalism, what does maximalism really mean? When it comes to designing your space: More is More. At JAC we wholeheartedly agree. Not for every space, in every case, but we are big fans of showing off your personality in your own home, and the more personality, the better.

Maximalist decor is part of our modern eclectic design lets you show off your personal taste, hobbies, and lifestyle, without giving the “rules of decorating” a second thought. It’s all about layering fun colors, bold patterns, and memorable objects for an inviting space that’s uniquely you.

There is no wrong way to create a maximalist style in your home. You will be simply adding more of what you love to your home. There are no rules to maximalist decorating. All you need is a passion for creating a truly unique space. For some inspiration to get you started, here some tips we love.

For starters, wall colors can be an easy way to start the layering process. Walls with accent colors or our favorite: ceilings with color. You can start with a basic color palette and build from there. Most recently walls saturated with dark colors or even black are hyper trendy. the trick with dark walls though is to make sure your art and accessories are much lighter in color so there is a contrast for eye interest.

And of course we cant forget about how wallpaper plays into the whole maximalist trend, it's practically made for it. Wether it's a giant wall mural tracing up a stairway, an all over bold graphic paper for a powder bath or even a more regularly patterned paper for a simple entry, wallpaper is definitely back with a vengeance (not that we think its ever went OUT of style). Check out his maximalist bedroom, one of our favorite bedroom interior design ideas!

Decorate with things you love is one of the main tenants of maximalism. Might mean displaying your books, or a cool collection you have garnered throughout your travels, or even vintage goods. This 'no' rules" thing is really just so freeing!

Oh and for all you boho chic fans, this is the intersection of design right here: maximalism AND Boho, they definitely go hand in hand. These two styles share a common theme of gorgeous excess. If you love print fabric, love color and love to immerse yourself in everything beautiful, you can easily embrace maximalism while staying true to your boho roots. Maximalism style works best when it’s imperfect. While your decor should have some unifying colors or patterns, there is absolutely no need to stress over matching furniture or colors — in fact, that’s the best part.