Modern Eclectic Dining

Modern Eclectic Dining

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The dining room is often a struggle for people when designing their homes. Formal dining rooms, if you are lucky enough to have the designated space, is tricky to make comfortable, flow with the rest of your home, and also be full of style. That's a tall order for anyone so here are a few of our favorite trends that should help you to harness something fab.

Modern Eclectic Dining

Spice up your dining and showcase your style with a pop of color. Let your chairs be as bright or as muted as you feel comfortable, but never neglect the power of a happy, bright chair. As we have discussed in the past, mis matched chairs are fun, eclectic and totally JAC approved. Mix modern and vintage, metal with wood and varying shapes, sizes and angles to create a totally funky, modern and carefree space. This is not for the faint of heart, but if the rest of your home has this vibe, then why not continue it into your family dining space.

Our Hollywood Hills Home is modern eclectic to the max with these colorful Eames dining chairs

Lighting is an integral part of the dining room. Top your table with a proper fixture, making sure that in its totality, whether its one solid piece, or a cluster of fixtures, spans at least 2/3 of your table. Nothing worse than a teeny chandelier to highlight your fabulous Friday night dinner parties. The bigger the better, but the style, material and finish is up to you. Again, eclectic and funky has no rules, just go with your gut and pick what speaks to you. But please, carve out enough space in your budget for something special. This piece will be a focal point, set the stage for the rest of the design and since most of your gatherings happen in the evening, should lend enough controlled glow to properly and seductively highlight your guests and the gorgeous meal and tablescape.

Here we opted for the double fabulous chandelier to showcase this excellent desert dining space.

The dining room is the absolute PERFECT place for art and wallpaper. Talk about setting a theme and making an impact! Larger scale wallpaper prints are modern and bold, textured grasscloths and suedes are luxurious and subtle. A fabulous piece of art has the same effect, but is more consolidated and is a totally open, rad expression of your personality.

You know JAC cant resist a good wallpaper. Check out this Kelly Wearstler! What a statement! For a closer look at some of our other Dining Room Design projects, click here

To rug, or not to rug, it's really a personal preference. People may opt out of a rug under the dining table with fear that their kids or guest will ruin it with spillage. It also is a bit more clean and minimal to go with a bare floor, if thats your style. Some homes have smaller dining spaces that are shared with the living room so there's really no room for a proper rug. With spacing in mind, the dining rug should be large enough to ground the whole table and all the chairs, when they are pulled out, otherwise you'll find yourself getting chair legs caught, or creating an uneven surface and therefore you have a wobbly chair situation, not to mention the purpose of the rug is to define the space and if its reading dinky, you loose all your modern cool points you've worked so hard for!

This overdyed turquoise rug is the embodiment of how powerful a dining rug can be. Its pulling the whole beachy vibe together seamlessly in our Laguna beach home.