Modern Nursery Decor

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Cat’s out the bag, JAC has a baby girl designer on the way! So naturally we are in tune to what’s happening in the current baby design world. Nurseries have become a total statement and extension of personal style in the home. This environment is created to inspire, comfort and subliminally mold your child towards your aesthetic, let's be honest. The child has zero opinion in the matter, but we know what's best for them and we can't allow them to be surrounded by anything other than the cutest trends in nursery decor. Here's a compilation of some of our favorite nursery decor trends of 2017 for all you moms to be out there.

Large scale florals are a huge trend for little girls. The pretty blush floret accent wall is everywhere, whether its with a strong wallpaper, a cool 3D art piece or in bedding. Florals can be sweet and soft or bold and brave and we are just loving how perfectly feminine and timeless they can be.

We have also been seeing a resurgence in vintage whimsy nursery decor. Think Thumbelina, Bambi or the Velveteen Rabbit. Fairy dusted woodland creatures dancing on the walls, soft stuffed bunny rabbits, twinkly swan mobiles, mounted stuffed unicorn heads and deer printed blankies really let the imagination run wild. Its soft and sweet and we love how it can go light and subtle or dark and mysterious.

JAC is a huge fan of whimsy wallpaper. Here we installed this fluttery fun paper in a very special little girls' room in Santa Monica. To see more of our work, click here

Mountains are all the rage in boys nursery designs. Its bold, strong and adventurous without depending on an action figure or Disney characters to convey it. Typically in a black, grey and blue color way which always works in a masculine space, mountains are a boys kind of fun whimsy and we love the versatility and appropriateness as the child grows. Not exclusively for the boys, pops of pink, yellow or green can make this a little less harsh and more gender versatile, for all those little Wonder Women out there.

Green is the accent color du jour it seems. Bold emerald dressers, cribs, chairs and curtains are modern take on the typical blue or pink nursery. Plants and cacti are also a fun way to accent a modern nursery in this green trend. Tropical palm printed wallpaper can be too bold for some but add just a hint of the trend with a cactus mobile or pillow and the space is very SoCal and fabulously gender neutral.

On that note, some people don't care to throw gender specific themes at their children right out of the womb, or they are leaving the gender as a surprise for themselves till the bitter end. Either way they don't want to delay on designing the nursery. Modern neutral nurseries are still super creative, cozy, kid friendly spaces without pigeonholing anyone. Try a simple black and white color scheme or keep the walls white and add art and toys, pillows and rugs with great textures that are neutral in color. Darker rich colors like navy, orange and red work across the board too, good news is we aren't relying on easter yellow anymore, thank goodness.

One last nursery trend that makes a lot of sense for all of you that feel a bit space deprived, is the nursery that doesn't look like a nursery. Tiny babies have three concerns, safety, sleep and meal time. Complementary color palettes and appropriately mixing patterns won't hit their radar until atleast a year or two ;). Reflecting your simple sophisticated practical style on the baby room is fine, especially when you plan to use this room as a duel office or guest room.