Modern Area Rugs

Modern Area Rugs

Talk to any designer, homeowner, or home furniture/accessory retailer, and they’ll tell you, one of the most important pieces in your home decor, and often times the hardest to decide on, is an area rug. It's a tough decision primarily because it will set the stage for the rest of the room, it will anchor all the other pieces, there are too many options and a substantial rug is typically quite the investment.

You want to choose something that is classic in both color and pattern but that will also speak to your personality without being too cliche, trendy or scream any one particular time period (i.e. 70's chartreuse shag), all while being comfortable on the tootsies. I mean thats a tall order! To help you with this first world struggle, we’ve weeded through millions of options to help guide you in your decision.

When thinking timeless we often think neutral. Neutral is great, but this can mean many things to many people. Please note, we see animal prints as neutrals, so it really is open to interpretation! For your home and to supplement your personality, classic neutral may interpret as tribal shag, striped, faded Persian, turkish Kilim, plaid, muted geometric or woven jute layered with an organically shaped cowhide. All of which, if of good quality, should withstand the ever progression of your home and family through the years.

Modern Area Rugs Modern Area Rugs

Check out that geometric hide! Thats modern neutral to the max. Check out more of our work here

Modern Area Rugs Modern Area Rugs Modern Area Rugs Modern Area Rugs