Modern Stone Age- Kitchen Stone Trends

Let's talk marble kitchen designs, shall we. You may have reached the time in your adult life where you are finally psychologically, physically, emotionally and financially ready to take on that much delayed kitchen renovation or you're in the process of a new build. Good for you and congratulations! Let the blood, sweat and tears begin. But don't get discouraged, JAC is here to help. In our humble opinion, aside from custom cabinetry, luxury stone work is where you should focus your attention. It will add the most drama and loads of resale value if done correctly, so its nothing to choose willy nilly.

Take one step in a slab yard and you are instantly overwhelmed and realized you probably should have brushed up on your Italian before starting this voyage. Whats next in natural stone trends? Whats going to hold its value and style while also withstanding the daily torture from the family?

Opposites Attract: High Contrast Creates Balance Contrast will take center stage. Matte black kitchen cabinets with crisp, white contrasting countertops add new dimension and drama to the space. Pops of colored cabinetry and shelving create more visual interest, while keeping the surrounding counters and paint light and neutral. In addition to contrasting colors, finishing details and textures will contrast, for example, pairing a high-gloss gold sink with a matte finish countertop. Bold is Back Kitchen design trends include cool colors this year. Forecasts have shifted from clean and crisp white and cream, to vibrant jewel tones and “new neutrals” that span from warm grays and taupe, to earthy greens and regal blue. Kitchen design is following suit with the use of vibrant colors infused in statement pieces, including counters and stone surfaces. Channel Old World Grandeur with Opulent Décor 2018's kitchen design inspiration will be focused on the elegant, extravagant, and luxurious with vibrant tones, mixed metals, and layers of texture. With traditional European aristocracy at its roots, opulent design will focus on jewel-toned countertops and cabinetry paired with metallic hardware and finishes, adding high drama to a space fit for royalty. Pattern Play with Unexpected Materials There will be continued mixing of pattern and texture featured in traditional applications – window treatments, wallpaper, and upholstery. Non-traditional uses of patterns will also gain in popularity, including innovative uses for quartz applications in patterned tiling, intricate backsplash mosaics, wall cladding, and detailed floor inlays Modern Applications for Classic Materials Modern kitchen designs will feature custom pieces with unexpected elements and imaginative design details. New applications combining timeless elements such as wood, metal, fabrics and stone will turn heads. Tables, fireplace surrounds, and furniture made with Cambria elevate any space, while still maintaining performance and durability. Kitchens will incorporate more fine furnishing elements, combining form and function to create stunning isolated pieces in open shelving, appliances and stone fabrication details.