Picking the Perfect Nightstand

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Bed side tables are essential in the boudoir and choosing the perfect one for your space, can be a challenge. Size, proportion, finish, storage capabilities, and design all need to come together seamlessly. Nothing worse then a dinky nightstand flanking a perfectly curated bed to really throw off your master bedroom vignette.

Before you start your search you really want to nail down the function of this piece, aside from it being a pretty surface for a lamp or vase to land. For some people they need a lot of storage for next to the bed. They have stacks of books they like to alternate through the week before they doze, they have their bed time routine of lotions and vitamins that need to have at arms length or need a proper charging station for all their electronics etc. Will one drawer do the trick for you or do you need several? Do you want to display or hide these items? Would you like something vintage and ornate or prefer something more modern and streamline?

In this Venice Beach guest bedroom, JAC opted for an ornate cut out side table with no drawers. Adds a little fun and provides a great landing zone for those awesomely big turquoise lamps, perfect for any guest's limited stay.

If you have the space, bigger is better we always say. People need proper surface area for all that collects bed side, including that awesome table lamp, fresh bouquet of buds and the propped curated art. Ideally 30 inches wide if you can swing it, especially if you have a king size bed. Depth can be variable, while height should be maintained at an accessible level. This depends on the height of your mattress of course, and the length of your arms ; ). Typically somewhere between sitting up to hit the alarm clock and falling out of bed to reach it is ideal.

JAC does Palm Springs modern in a super cozy way with this guest bedroom. The nightstands saddle nicely up to the bed and are the perfect height for this bed frame and mattress. Get a closer look at JAC's other projects here.

With this ample size in mind, it may be hard to find a typical nightstand with these specifications. Don't forget about our friends dresser, desk and console. These guys can work as a nightstand too. Repurposing furniture is the smartest way to reimagine a space. Think outside the typical bedroom parameters and find something unconventional that hits all your boxes. Don't fret about finding two that match. Mismatched bedside tables are on trend and add an eclectic edge to your space. The true design magic comes with styling anyways, but a strong solid piece of furniture is the perfect stage for it.